• Introduction


    Semi-automatic system for dissolution and transmission of dyes for discontinuous dyeing machines.

    The Termodye systems perform a perfect dissolution and transmission of dye powders. The models available are the semi-automatic Termodye Man and the automatic TermoDYE.VACUUM XP. More specifically, the latter results in the elimination of all moving members (mechanical hands - robots) and the substantial reduction of all related maintenance issues. Through proper software management, a set of valves enables vacuum suction of the dye located in an ordinary stainless steel bucket and its immediate dissolution inside one or more hermetically sealed dissolution vessels.

  • TermoDYE.VACUUM:

    - Units modular suction dust.
    - Modular unit dissolution dyes.
    - Distribution pump.
    - Kit creation of the vacuum.
    - Industrial PC with "touch screen".
    - Transport system containers.
    - Distribution line in polished steel "food quality”.
    - Stainless steel valves patented transport dyes.

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