• Introduction


    Semi-Automatic Weighing System for powder dyes

    The dosing of powder dyes in the dyeing process has always been among the issues that are most critical and hard to control. An accurate and constant dosing of the various components of the recipe results in a faultless repeatability and reproducibility of the demanded colour. The Termopowder systems are the fruit of deep technological research work and experience gathered by Termelettronica within the context of industrial automation for the textile industry. Customizable according to the customer's needs, they can dose dye powders, granules and microbeads, as well as manage the various containers with the utmost accuracy and reliability. TermoPOWDER.MAN is a simple and inexpensive semi-automatic system. It envisages the use of a stainless steel suction bench and 2 precision scales.

  • TermoPOWDER.MAN:

    - 1 suction bench completed with dust exhaustor where to install the two scales.
    - 1 scale of 5 Kg with an accuracy of +/- 0,01gr.
    - 1 scale of 32 Kg with an accuracy of +/- 0,1gr.
    - 1 main electrical panel completed by an industrial PC equipped with touch screen and bar-code reader.

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