• Introduction


    Automatic Salt Weighing and Dosing System

    The TermoSALT.XP was designed to solve the enormous physical and chemical problems posed by these products , in terms of storage as well as transport to the points of use. Powdered products, stored in special containers, are dosed via screws, in a load-cell mounted dissolution unit, inside which a water solution featuring a 1:1 ratio - which can however be controlled by the user - is made. The pump of the dissolution tank sends the solution directly to the service tank of the user machine. The final cleaning of the transport pipe, once the transmission is over, is carried out by using air so as not to affect the bath ratio.

  • TermoSALT.XP:

    - Dissolution unit on load cells.
    - Maximum capacity of direct salt dissolution (NaCl): 600 kg.
    - Patented predilution system.
    - Distribution lines with special three-way valves.
    - Storage silo to be scales as a function of requirements.
    - Standard capacities available: 5, 10, 15, 20, 31, 40 mc.
    - Storage management of up to 6 products. (E.g.: NaCl, Na2S04, Na2CO3; Na2S2O4; CH4N2O).
    - Glass fibre silo for storage of standard powders.
    - Silos made from stainless steel and/or special material (e.g. PE) for storage of hazardous powders (hydrosulphite).
    - Kit for continuous production of nitrogen for stabilization of powders featuring high hygroscopic properties.
    - Various loading systems: bucket elevators, flexible worm conveyor and suction.
    - Possibility to manage 2 storage units of ready-for-use products, dispensed through a ring (e.g. brine) or termo chem.
    - Pump water flush control system.

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